CyberShack is returning to Channel 9 this winter with five episodes of gadgety goodness! Charlie, Anthony, Josh, and Sara are all back to cast an eye on the latest new and upcoming tech. First off in June, the crew will be looking at end of financial year bargains. In August, it's all about Father's Day, and in September, Charlie will be reporting on IFA, Europe's biggest annual technology expo.

CyberShack - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2006-08-01

CyberShack - Fitness approximation - Netflix

In function optimization, fitness approximation is a method for decreasing the number of fitness function evaluations to reach a target solution. It belongs to the general class of evolutionary computation or artificial evolution methodologies.

CyberShack - Adaptive fuzzy fitness granulation - Netflix

Adaptive fuzzy fitness granulation (AFFG) is a proposed solution to constructing an approximate model of the fitness function in place of traditional computationally expensive large-scale problem analysis like (L-SPA) in the Finite element method or iterative fitting of a Bayesian network structure. In adaptive fuzzy fitness granulation, an adaptive pool of solutions, represented by fuzzy granules, with an exactly computed fitness function result is maintained. If a new individual is sufficiently similar to an existing known fuzzy granule, then that granule’s fitness is used instead as an estimate. Otherwise, that individual is added to the pool as a new fuzzy granule. The pool size as well as each granule’s radius of influence is adaptive and will grow/shrink depending on the utility of each granule and the overall population fitness. To encourage fewer function evaluations, each granule’s radius of influence is initially large and is gradually shrunk in latter stages of evolution. This encourages more exact fitness evaluations when competition is fierce among more similar and converging solutions. Furthermore, to prevent the pool from growing too large, granules that are not used are gradually eliminated. Actually AFFG mirrors two features of human cognition: (a) granularity (b) similarity analysis. This granulation-based fitness approximation scheme is applied to solve various engineering optimization problems including detecting hidden information from a watermarked signal in addition to several structural optimization problems.

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