Do you know the scientific facts supporting Biblical Creationism? Do you know the facilities in the theory of evolution?

Dr. Kent Hovind is one of the foremost authorities on Science and the Bible.He has debated evolutionist at many universities across America and is dedicated to the proclamation of factual, scientific evidence supporting the biblical record of creation and the history of the world.His fact-filled creation seminars are exciting and informative, causing even the most devout evolutionist to sit up and take notice!

Christians will be encouraged in their faith and non-believers will be seriously challenged to reconsider their beliefs!

Dr. Kent Hovind is from Pensacola Florida, but originally from Illinois.He was a high school science teacher for 15 years.He travels around the country speaking on creation, evolution, and dinosaurs over 700 times a year.

The following information has been transcribed from several public messages given by Dr. Hovind on the subject of Creationism versus Evolutionism.It is being offered to encourage and strengthen the faith of believers and to convince the unbelievers there is a God who loves them and wants a personal relationship.

As you read this, it is important to remember, Dr. Hovind has three goals:

1.To strengthen your faith in the word of God.He believes the Bible is the infallible, inspired word of the living God.

2. If you are not saved, He wants to get you converted.He will tell you right up front, Im after you, so dont be surprised.

3. If you are saved,and you are not doing much for the Lord, he wants to make you uncomfortable.There is war going on, we all need to get busy.God has a ministry for everyone.

Creation Seminar - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

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Creation Seminar - Urbino European Law Seminar - Netflix

The Urbino European Law Seminar is a summer course organized every year since 1959 by the Center for European Legal Studies of Urbino. The lectures are held in French, Italian and English at the Law Faculty of Urbino University, by visiting lecturers from many European countries and focus on current issues of European law, private international law, comparative law and Italian law. Following the seminar, participants are given a certificate as proof of their attendance. Depending on the specialty selected and if successful in examination, participants are also awarded a diploma from the Law Faculty of Urbino University in either comparative law, European studies, advanced studies in European Law, or advanced European studies.

Creation Seminar - Notes - Netflix

Creation Seminar - References - Netflix