Korea has been taken over by aliens, and three agents from two different timelines spearhead the war against them.

Clocking Out - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 12 minutes

Premier: 2016-10-21

Clocking Out - Clocking Out Is for Suckers - Netflix

Clocking Out Is For Suckers is Drake Tungsten's first album, released in 1994 on cassette only and distributed to the Austin, Texas area. Many of the tracks were re-recorded and re-released on later Spoon albums.

Clocking Out - Notes - Netflix

“Let Me Roll It” is a Paul McCartney and Wings cover from Band on the Run. “Interview 1” was between Britt and his little brother, who was 7 years old. “Do the Manta Ray” is an instrumental Pixies cover of “Dancing the Manta Ray”, which appears as a b-side on the “Monkey Gone To Heaven” single. “Secrets” was originally written by The Cure. Different versions of “Chicago at Night” later appear on Six Pence for the Sauces and also on Spoon's third LP, Girls Can Tell. Different versions of “I Could Be Underground” later appear on Six Pence for the Sauces and on Spoon's 30 Gallon Tank EP. “All the Negatives Have Been Destroyed”, “Dismember”, and “I Wanted To Be Your Friend” all appear later on Spoon's Telephono.

Clocking Out - References - Netflix