There isn't much you can't wrap with bacon or deep-fry, and Anthony Anderson is out to prove it, trying every insanely indulgent treat along the way on his new show, "Carnival Cravings with Anthony Anderson". This epic coast-to-coast trip promises all of the crispy, crunchy, cheesy and chocolatey snacks you can imagine (and some you can't). One of the most-exciting parts about summer is getting to eat outdoors in the sun, and there's no better collection of open-air options than at a carnival. Anthony's getting the most out of these massive gatherings, trying blow-your-mind bites like mac-and-cheese-stuffed burgers, lobster dogs and even a deep-fried root beer float (yes, you read that right). And he's having plenty of fun along the way, with everything from a pig race to a bubblegum-blowing contest.\ \ The Carnivals to Look Forward to this Season\ Got to Be NC Festival — Raleigh, N.C.\ Sacramento County Fair — Sacramento, Calif.\ Parker Days — Parker, Colo.\ Prairie Fest — Oswego, Ill.\ San Diego County Fair — San Diego\ Alameda County Fair — Pleasanton, Calif.

Carnival Cravings with Anthony Anderson - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-08-12

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The following is a chronological capsule history of 1960s counterculture. Influential events and milestones beginning decades ahead of the 1960s are included for context relevant to the subject period of the early 1960s through the mid 1970s.

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June 25: Prelude to Vietnam: Communist forces of North Korea invade western ally South Korea with support from the People's Republic of China and the USSR. The US, UK, and a host of free, non-communist UN nations respond and hold back the incursion. In 1953 the conflict ends where it began with each side faced-off at the 38th parallel, and where the US remains on armed alert to the present. The UK counts over 1,100 war dead, the US over 36,000. Sep 3: The first US military advisors arrive in South Vietnam.

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