Brugklas is a scripted-reality youth series, in which a fixed group of students (Selma, Mats, Bo, Semme, Emma and Safa) is followed during the first year of high school. In addition, second-graders Anouk, Max and Fien who were also regularly seen in First year.

Brugklas - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Dutch

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2014-05-26

Brugklas - Kinderen voor Kinderen - Netflix

Kinderen voor Kinderen (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌkɪnd(ə)rə(m) voːr ˈkɪnd(ə)rə(n)]) is a Dutch children's choir maintained by public broadcaster VARA. The name translates as “children for children”. Since 1980 the choir has released one album of new children's songs each year, and is probably the only act from the 1980s with consecutive albums in the top 40 chart (apart from two releases). The ideas for the songs generally come from children who write in. Well-known Dutch lyricists then turn submitted ideas into finished songs. The songs on each year's album are presented in a special TV broadcast, staged and recorded in advance (in the group's early years, these shows were broadcast live). Various Dutch celebrities often appear as cast members in these shows. In 2006, Kinderen voor Kinderen staged its first live pop concert as the basis of its annual broadcast. Kinderen voor Kinderen also holds an annual “Song Contest” known as the “Kinderen voor Kinderen Songfestival” that sees the winners of the regional pre-selection rounds (one each province) compete against each other as finalists. The group has used its current logo since the release of album 28 (De Gamer) in 2007. The logo, made up of cubes spelling out the group name, incorporates an exclamation mark on an angled cube. This is a distinguishing mark in the logo of the group's funder, public broadcaster VARA. The current KvK logo is a revision of a previous one, introduced in 1990 on their eleventh album, which featured an assortment of colored bouncing cubes to form the group name.

Brugklas - At present - Netflix

The choir currently consists of around 30 children between 8 and 12 years of age. Originally the goal was to have participants from throughout the Netherlands. Over time, however, practical considerations intervened and the children recruited as singers are now required to live within close distance of the TV recording studios in Hilversum, southeast of Amsterdam. As a consequence the songs are sung with the characteristic accent of that area, the most noticeable feature of which is the so-called Gooise R: the retroflex pronunciation of the letter R at the end of words and after vowels before consonants in a manner similar to that of American English, although other Rs are realized as trills, either alveolar [r] or uvular [ʀ]. The ensemble operates on a yearly production cycle starting with auditions for new members in January. Songs are composed based on ideas from children's letters and go through a judging process, ultimately leaving 12 song choices for the year's CD. The first singing rehearsals begin in March, and dance rehearsals start in September after summer recess. The year's TV program is usually recorded during the autumn school recess. A viewing is held for the children and their families one week before the program is broadcast in November. A 27-CD box set, released at the end of September 2007, gave the choir their first album top 10 entry in almost a decade.

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