Bernard O'Mahoney travels across Britain to meet some of it's most notorious gangsters and gang members.

British Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2014-04-25

British Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld - British Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld - Netflix

British Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld is a documentary series about UK gangsters or 'Faces'. Series 1 (6 episodes), Series2 (8 episodes) In each episode, current and former gang members and active criminals are interviewed by presenter and former member of the Essex Boys gang, Bernard O'Mahoney. Many episodes concentrate on cities around the UK: London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham. Other episodes focus on how individuals became involved in crime and miscarriages of justice. Series 2, Ep 3, travels to Ireland. Some of the most infamous and influential names within these criminal circles appear on screen for the first time including Paul Ferris, Eddie Richardson, Dutch Raja and Arran Coghlan The series was broadcast on Discovery's Quest channel in the UK in April 2014 (S1) and July 2015 (S2). Both have been released on DVD by Revelation Films

British Gangsters: Faces of the Underworld - Episodes - Netflix

The first series contains 6 episodes: Glasgow - Featuring interviews with Walter Norval, 'Mad' Frankie Fraser, Joe Steele, Paul Ferris, Ian ‘Blink’ McDonald Manchester - Featuring interviews with Jimmy ‘The Weed’ Donnelly, Arthur Donnelly, Paul Massey, Sean Keating, Bernard O’Mahoney, Wayne Barker, David Fraser, christopher brayford London - Featuring interviews with 'Mad' Frankie Fraser, Eddie Richardson, David Fraser, Freddie Foreman, Billy Frost, Albert Donoghue, Jimmy Tippett, Lenny Hamilton Newcastle - Featuring interviews with Paddy Conroy, Billy Robinson, Kenny ‘Panda’ Anderson, Viv Graham Jnr, Mike ‘The Bull’ Bullock, Brian ‘The Taxman’ Cockerill Your Money or Your Life? - Featuring interviews with Vic Dark, Mick Healy, Ian ‘Blink’ McDonald, Angelo Hayman, Danny Woollard, Freddie Foreman, Bernard O’Mahoney, John Whomes Goodfellas? - Featuring interviews with Freddie Foreman, David Fraser, Brian ‘The Taxman’ Cockerill, Ian ‘Blink’ McDonald, Arran Coghlan, Joe Steele, Vic Dark, Paddy Conroy, Paul Massey, Paul Ferris The second series contains 8 episodes: Liverpool - Featuring interviews with Stephen “The Devil” French, Kevin Mooney, Nicola Regan, Graham “Boris” Boszomenyi, Brian Charrington Jnr. Birmingham - Featuring interviews with Albert Chapman, Patsy Manning, Don Tear, Joe Egan, Sharif Cousins, “Zimbo” Moore, christopher brayford Alternative Ulster - Featuring interviews with Christy Dunne, “Mad Dog” Johnny Adair, Sam “Skelly” McCrory, Joe Doherty, Billy “Buffalo” Clare, Wayne Hart Essex - Featuring interviews with Eddie Blundell, Billy Blundell, Lew Yates, Andy Swallow, Steve “Nipper” Ellis, Sandy Percival Live by the Sword - Featuring interviews with Phil Berriman, Steve “Nipper” Ellis, Dominic Negan, William “Billy” Lobben, Die by the Sword - Featuring interviews with Paddy Hill, Stephen “The Devil” French, Eileen Mackenney, Shelley Mackenney, My Generation - Dougie Joyce, Johnny Joyce, Dutch Raja, Allan Morrison Cons to Icons - Dave Courtney, William Lobben, Chris Thrall, Lew Yates

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