Boy Meets Boy puts a twist on the traditional reality dating show. One gay man will try to find his soul mate among fifteen potential suitors, but some of them aren't actually gay. Some are merely posing to be gay, and there lies the potential conflict and interest of the show. It is intended to challenge our standard assumptions and preconceived ideas of what is gay or straight behavior. In short, can you as the viewer determine who is gay, and who is straight?

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Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2003-07-29

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Boy Meets Boy is a young adult novel by David Levithan, published in 2003. It is set in a gay-friendly small town in America, and describes a few weeks in the lives of a group of high school students. As the title suggests, the central story follows the standard romantic plotline usually known as “boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl” except that the main characters are both boys, the narrator Paul and newcomer Noah. The novel won a Lambda Literary Award.

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Paul: Paul is the narrator, a high school sophomore. Paul is openly gay and has known this since he was in kindergarten, and his friends and family are all accepting. He has a lot of friends and is generally well liked. He has lived in his town all his life, and can't imagine living anywhere else. Noah: Noah is a newcomer in town, having lived in four different places over the past ten years, and Paul's love interest. He has close-set green eyes, untidy hair and a comma-shaped birthmark on his neck. While he is attracted to Paul, he is cautious about relationships after his first and only boyfriend (whose name is Pitt) cheated on him. He is interested in photography and painting. Joni: Joni has been Paul's best friend since first grade. She has been dating Ted off and on since the fifth grade, but starts going out with Chuck during the course of the novel. Tony: Tony is Paul's other best friend, who lives in a nearby town. Tony and Paul met on a trip to the city two years before the start of the novel and became very close friends. Paul notes that they were not meant to fall in love with each other, but a part of [himself] still fell in hope with him. Tony's parents are religious and homophobic, and while they love him, they are stiflingly protective and hope that they can find a way to change his sexuality. At the end of the novel, Tony has developed a budding relationship with Kyle, who like him, struggles with accepting his sexual orientation. Kyle: Kyle is Paul's ex-boyfriend, who is attracted to both males and females but doesn't like the word bisexual. The book takes place a year after Kyle and Paul's relationship, which ended badly because Kyle told his and Paul's schoolmates that Paul tricked him into being gay. After apologizing to Paul over his past behavior, he begins to re-build their relationship. But Paul ends up rejecting him because he only likes him as a friend. Kyle eventually accepts this, and starts to get to know Tony by the end of the novel.

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