Dolores (Beatriz Carvajal) runs the Lolita Cabaret, a performance hall located in central Madrid. In these moments of economic crisis, the artists live in the hotel annexed to the premises waiting for an investor to help them raise the curtain again. That capitalist partner is Don Jose Luis (Luis Varela), a conservative and provincial businessman whose values clash with the modern mentality and uninhibited nature of the inhabitants of Lolita. Don José Luis arrives in the city accompanied by Alfredo (Carlos Santos), a shy and prudish nephew whom they have just planted at the altar. The young man will be in for a big surprise, because the world he knows is very different from that of the cabaret. Although he feels out of place and intimidated by the ballet girls, Alfredo will establish a very special relationship with Roxy (Sara Vega), a fun and bold transvestite.

The reopening of the Lolita coincides with the arrival of Violeta (Natalia Verbeke), the daughter of Dolores who left the cabaret to marry and lead a normal life. Now she returns after divorcing, accompanied by two young children, Chuso and Nuri, and without a roof to live on. For Violeta the Lolita is a place of passage until you find a job to stay with, but were you might end up staying longer than you expected....

Bienvenidos al Lolita - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 75 minutes

Premier: 2014-01-07

Bienvenidos al Lolita - Nerea Camacho - Netflix

Nerea Camacho Ramos (born 15 May 1996) is a Spanish actress. Born in Balanegra, Almería, Spain. In 2009 she was the third youngest actress to win a 23rd Goya Awards (only 12 years old) for her role in the film Camino.

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