Barnwood Builders follows six good-natured West Virginians who know a thing or two about wood. This passionate team is devoted to salvaging and old-world craftsmanship. They are masters of big, filthy, difficult, 19th-century restorations, and they are as entertaining as a woodpecker in a lumber yard.

Barnwood Builders - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-11-01

Barnwood Builders - Heritage Farm Museum and Village - Netflix

Heritage Farm Museum and Village is an open-air living history museum in Huntington, West Virginia that focuses on Appalachian history and culture. Originally conceived as a location to house and display the private collection of A. Michael “Mike” and Henriella Perry, Heritage Farm has expanded into an entire Appalachian Frontier Village that was recently named West Virginia's first Smithsonian-affiliated museum.

Barnwood Builders - Artisans - Netflix

Heritage Farm employs local artisans who practice old forms of craftsmanship using authentic, antique equipment related to their professions. Artisans include (but are not limited to) broommakers, weavers, printers, tinsmiths, woodworkers, and blacksmiths. In addition to hosting artisans throughout the week, Heritage Farm also hosts regular classes given by artisans in the basics of their profession.

Barnwood Builders - References - Netflix