Ballroom Bootcamp is the series where three "Average Joes or Janes" from all walks of life undertake a rigorous five-week training program. Top ballroom dance professionals Susannah Cuesta, Gocha Chertkoev and Christian Perry will attempt to give the participants the physical, mental and social tools necessary for success, and stop at nothing to transform the participants from ordinary to extraordinary. The Ballroom Bootcamp participants will learn one of five dance styles - the cha-cha, waltz, tango, jive or rhumba - and then face off against one another in an authentic, professionally adjudicated competition.

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2005-10-07

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The third UK series of The X Factor was broadcast on ITV between 19 August and 16 December 2006, with Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh mentoring and judging the finalists.

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The MacDonald Brothers are brothers Brian and Craig MacDonald. Brian (born 28 November 1986) and Craig (born 16 December 1985) lived at the time of the show with their parents and have a half brother from their father's previous relationship. The MacDonald Brothers had been singing together seriously for three years at weddings and clubs, and occasionally performed backing vocals. One of their biggest performances as The MacDonald Brothers had been in front of Hugh Grant at the ceilidh dance. The MacDonald Brothers were repeatedly rubbished by Simon Cowell, who called their performances “dreary” and “pointless” and expressed amazement as the pair continued to survive the vote. They were finally eliminated on 2 December 2006, finishing in overall fourth place. At the series 4 Glasgow audition, Cowell made a “formal apology” to Scotland that they had been represented by the brothers in series 3. The duo have, however, been popular in their native Scotland, with their first album reaching number 1 in the Scottish charts and number 18 in the UK charts. Their second album, The World Outside, is due for release. They have also toured with Westlife and are currently signed to Scottish music label The Music Kitchen.

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