Bad Universe is a television series on the Discovery Channel that attempts to explain some of the phenomena in the universe, while demystifying those that are harder to prove. The show is hosted by Phil Plait, an American astronomer who has spend much of his career dispelling misconceptions about the physical world. His show Bad Universe takes this commitment to universal truth to new levels. Throughout the episodes, Plait goes to tasks against what he calls "bad science," debunking false claims that get passed around as scientific truths about astronomy. Much like Mythbusters, much of the things Plait tries to demystify is the type of science you see in blockbuster Hollywood movies. Asteroid apocalypses, among other cataclysmic scenarios, are played out and scrutinized for their legitimacy. In addition to letting you know whether or not the event is plausible, Plait proposes a few ways to prevent them for happening, or at least mitigating their overall destructiveness.

Bad Universe - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2010-08-29

Bad Universe - Bad Girls Club (season 5) - Netflix

The fifth season of Bad Girls Club is titled Bad Girls Club: Miami and premiered on August 3, 2010, on Oxygen. This season moved filming from Los Angeles, California to Miami, Florida in an area on North Bay Road, between 41st and 64th streets, which filming began in early 2010.

Bad Universe - Production - Netflix

Bad Girls Club: Miami was announced on January 21, 2010, while the fourth season was airing. Casting was also announced at the same time with potential applicants submitting video tape submissions plus casting calls taking place in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Buffalo, Oakland, Chicago, and Pittsburgh.

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