Nick Donovan and Ocee James were two former race car drivers who joined the LAPD as part of the B.A.D. C.A.T. squad (which stood for Burglary Auto Detail Commercial Auto Thefts). Using their superior driving skills, the two mainly saw fit to run the bad guys off the road rather than question them. Their superior Captain Nathan publicly chastised the two, but privately encouraged their "loose cannon" style. Officer Samantha Jensen would occasionally lend a hand when a more feminine approach was called for. Also seen were Ma, who owned a bar which the boys frequented, and Rodney, a former car thief trying to get on the straight and narrow.

B.A.D. Cats - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1980-01-04

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In American and Canadian television, a mid-season replacement is a television series that premieres in the second half of the traditional television season, usually between January and May. Mid-season replacements usually take place after a show that was in the fall schedule was canceled or put on hiatus, outside factors such as an actor's family emergency or personal illness led to a delay in the program's debut, a program was purposefully scheduled for mid-season (for example, shows NBC airs on Sunday nights after the NFL season ends, as it only takes up the first half of the television season), or a program had a shortened season for some other reason which resulted in a time slot that needed filling. A few shows in American television history have been perennial mid-season replacements; American Idol, for example, from its second season onward, aired from January to May each year, to great ratings success. (An older and related concept is the summer replacement, which debuts between May and August, when a network's marquee programs go on hiatus. Summer replacements tend to be lower-profile shows with either low budgets or minimal prospects for renewal.)

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