Back of the Y is a witty and clever New Zealand stunt show designed to "put New Zealand on the map". With unforgettable characters such as Presenter, Danny Parker, New Zealand's greatest daredevil stuntsman, Randy Cambell and retarded South Island mechanic, Spanners Watson, the show took New Zealand by storm, appealing quite often to the older generation as well as the younger. Every episode of Back of the Y consists of a number of mini shows (Constables, Smoodiver), take-offs (Bottlestore Galactica) and stunts as well as visits to the studio where we meet New Zealand's most loved television personality, Danny Parker. And of course the show wouldn't be complete without the feature stunt which always goes horribly wrong.

Back of the Y - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2008-05-26

Back of the Y - Back of the Y Masterpiece Television - Netflix

Back of the Y, previously known as Back of the Y Masterpiece Television, is a cult New Zealand television series, created by Chris Stapp and Matt Heath. Featuring such memorable characters as Randy Campbell, Danny Parker, Dick Johansonson, Cindy Cockburn and Spanners Watson, the show glorified stunts and the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol. The Hollywood special episode featured Randy Campbell jumping off the back of the “Y” of the famous Hollywood sign. Back of the Y is centred on a mock live TV show, featuring segments such as “Randy Campbell's Extreme Stunts” and “Cunstables”. The show was low budget and apparently filmed with amateur equipment and edited on home computers. The show description at the start of the first episode references one of the cast members and sets the agenda for the rest of the show: “Phil Bruff had a dream. To make a New Zealand TV show that wasn't complete shit. He failed... Miserably!!!” The show consisted of seven episodes of Back of the Y Masterpiece Television and The Back of the Y Goes To Hollywood Special. In addition to being screened on New Zealand television, the show has been given airtime on MTV2 in the UK and on Channel V in Australia. They are also responsible for That Cunt Rabbit (an animated TV show for MTV UK), Heck (an animated show also for MTV UK) and appeared on the British game show Balls Of Steel. Back of the Y features the New Zealand band Deja Voodoo, originally a fictional house band. After Back of the Y Stapp and Heath developed Deja Voodoo into a “proper” band. In 2005 Back of the Y released a TV special, “Bogan's Heroes”, a comedy based on life in prison. In 2007, Stapp and Heath released The Devil Dared Me To (The Randy Campbell Story). The film was backed by Headstrong Productions, in association with the New Zealand Film Commission. The film tells the story of Randy Campbell, Back of the Y's Stuntman character, and how he rose to become “the world's greatest stuntman”. The film stars Chris Stapp as the titular Randy Campbell, and Matt Heath as Dick Johansonson as well as an all-star New Zealand cast. Back of the Y began shooting a second series from 24 September 2007 to 28 September 2007 at Henderson Valley Studios in Auckland. The second series of the show was aired on C4 in New Zealand from 26 May 2008. Series 3 is made up of six episodes and a making-of special. They also had a series in 2010 called Bogan Family Films.

Back of the Y - Regular features - Netflix

“Vaseline Warriors”: a Mad Max parody set in a post-apocalyptic future where all women have been destroyed. The men fight over ripped up pornographic magazines and vaseline. All is settled following the tragic explosion in the lubridome. “Bottlestore Galactica”: a Battlestar Galactica parody. Space pilots Steineken and Heinlager get drunk and fly around the galaxy. Most episodes centred on drinking copious amounts of alcohol and the viewer observing the effects. “Ass/Off”: a parody of Face/Off “Poo Man and Wees”: a scatological Batman and Robin parody. Poo Man and his well-endowed sidekick Wees face off against heinous restroom intruders such as Scatwoman and the Shitty Mummy. Episodes usually end with multiple characters getting faeces and/or urine in their mouths. “The Fart Tycoon”: a recurring skit starring the titular flatulent millionaire, whose good-hearted attempts at philanthropy are thwarted by his gaseous outbursts.

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