Australia's Deadly Monsters are supremely adapted to life within the great southern continent's varied and often hostile environments. The series takes us on a journey through monsoonal floodplains, parched desert dunes, and lofty highlands as we explore the unique lives, habitats, and hierarchies of some of Australia's monstrous creatures.

Australia's Deadly Monsters - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-04-28

Australia's Deadly Monsters - Monster Blood Tattoo: Foundling - Netflix

Foundling is the first book of Monster Blood Tattoo, a children's/young adult's fantasy trilogy written by Australian author, D.M. Cornish. It tells the story of Rossamünd, a boy unfortunately christened with a girl's name, who has lived his entire life in a foundlingery (kind of an orphanage) before he is chosen to become a lamplighter in a far away city. The book's action takes place entirely on the Half-Continent, a Dickensian world run by arcane science and alchemy, and plagued with deadly (and not-so-deadly) monsters. It also won Best Young Adult Novel at the 2006 Aurealis Awards. The American Library Association put Monster Blood Tattoo: Foundling on the 2007 Best Books for Young Adults list.

Australia's Deadly Monsters - Supplementary material - Netflix

The last 120 pages of the book consist of supplementary material, the large part of which is an extensive glossary. Also included are numerous charts, diagrams, illustrations and maps.

Australia's Deadly Monsters - References - Netflix