The corrupt owner of a lame, forth division football team gets locked up so his bimbo wife has to step in and take control of the club, wrecking chaos in the community.

Atletico Textila - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Romanian

Status: Running

Runtime: 44 minutes

Premier: 2016-03-10

Atletico Textila - Las Fierbinți - Netflix

Las Fierbinți is a Romanian sitcom that premiered on Pro TV on March 1, 2012, created by Mimi Brănescu, and directed by Dragoș Buliga and Constantin Popescu. Set in a rural place Fierbinți, the series follows the social and romantic lives of the inhabitants from this village. The most important people are the mayor and the bartender.

Atletico Textila - Main characters - Netflix

Vasile (Gheorghe Ifrim) is the mayor of Fierbinți. Bobiță (Mihai Bobonete) is the owner of the rural bar. Giani (Costi Diță) is the Italian “villain”, born in Fierbinți, but moved for a while to Italy for “work”. He returned to his native village. Giani and Bobiță are best friends. Dorel (Mihai Rait Dragomir) is Bobiță's autistic brother. Robi (Leonid Doni) is the chief policeman of the village. Geanina (Anca Dumitra) is the daughter of the previous mayor. Dalida (Ecaterina Țugulea) is the mayor's personal assistant. Celentano (Adrian Văncică) is the most famous drunk person from Fierbinți. Firicel (Toma Cuzin) is Celentano's best friend. Ardiles (Mihai Mărgineanu) is the friend of Celentano and Firicel. Aspirina (Mirela Oprișor) is the village prostitute.

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