Nam Shin is a son from a family who runs a large company. After an unexpected accident, he falls into a coma. His mother Oh Ro Ra is an authority on brain science and artificial intelligence. She creates an android named Nam Shin III which looks like just like her son Nam Shin. The android pretends to be Nam Shin and he has a bodyguard called Kang So Bong.

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: In Development

Runtime: 70 minutes

Premier: None

Are You Human Too? - Too Many Humans..... - Netflix

Too Many Humans..... is the first full-length album by the American noise rock band No Trend, released through their very own No Trend Records in 1984 on vinyl format. The album is known for its brash, misanthropic lyrics, as evident on tracks such as “Reality Breakdown” and “Mindless Little Insects”. The album has been described as “nightmarish”, and has been compared to other noisy bands such as Flipper and Public Image Ltd. The album is currently out of print, and it will never be reissued due to the destruction of the original master tapes.

Are You Human Too? - Music and lyrics - Netflix

The album has been described as violent, misanthropic, noisy, and mean-spirited. Most lyrics mock punk subculture and the social normalities of human life; such as marriage, fashion, and so on. As vocalist Jeff Mentges mentioned in an interview:

The music heavily centers around Bob Strasser's basslines, while Frank Price's guitar riffs are mostly composed of high pitched guitar feedback. The closer track, “Happiness Is...”, features multiple different looped sound samples, layered over a funk-influenced instrumental. The song “For The Fun Of It All” will later be rerecorded for the band's follow-up album A Dozen Dead Roses.

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