A miniseries starring famous actresses, based on the short story collection "Tsubasa no Oreta Tenshitachi" by the author Yoshi. This dark drama has a different story for each episode, as the name of the series Angels with Broken Wings hints, the common theme is women who have lost their way in life. The series touches subjects like prostitution, peer pressure, gambling, theft and isolation.

Angels with Broken Wings - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2006-02-26

Angels with Broken Wings - On Broken Wings - Netflix

On Broken Wings is an American metalcore band from Hull, Massachusetts that formed in 2001. Often credited with pioneering the sound, and coining the term, of “moshcore”, a term originally used by the band to describe their fusion of metal with elements of post-hardcore and hardcore breakdowns. They are arguably the first deathcore band. After the self-released Number One Beautiful EP, they caught the attention of Eulogy Recordings, where they would then release 2 full-length albums over the next 5 years, 2003's 'Some of us may Never see the World' and 2005's 'It's all a Long Goodbye'. During this time, On Broken Wings was also subject to a variety of controversies, mostly concerning their unusually violent live shows and the band's apparent encouragement of crowd violence. As a result, the band is still banned from many clubs and venues across the United States. In early 2007, On Broken Wings released an EP entitled Going Down which contained the original Number One Beautiful EP as well as 4 new songs. In an ironic twist, the title of the EP was soon considered foreshadowing as the band announced an indefinite hiatus mainly due to interest in other projects. Many considered OBW to have split up for good until a new year rolled around... After a long hiatus, 2008 finally sees the band reuniting and doing some serious touring with the 'Mosh Lives' tour featuring headliners, Emmure and other metalcore acts such as Recon, Ligeia and on select dates, Red I Flight and Endwell.

Angels with Broken Wings - Possible Split From Eulogy Recordings - Netflix

Although it states on the band's Myspace that they are still signed with Eulogy Recordings, Eulogy's website has OBW listed in the past bands section leading some to believe that either On Broken Wings has possibly signed with a more prominent label or is currently searching for one. In a recent interview with Worldmovesfast.com, Jon Blake stated that the band has “fulfilled their contract” with Eulogy and have moved on. He also mentioned meeting with Tony Victory and being turned down a slot on Victory Records because “the label already has too many bands that sound like us.”

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