Meifon is quite an overachiever for a sixteen-year-old girl. She's the head of a major corporation and the captain of a state-of-the-art ship, the Angel Links - which provides a free pirate-fighting service. And her crew is just as extraordinary. Join the crew of the Angel Links as they fight pirates, right wrongs, and seek out the hidden secrets of Meifon's past.

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Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1999-04-07

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This article features minor fictional characters who appear as guest stars on the cult television program Angel, ordered alphabetically. For the show's main characters, please see the article list of Angel characters.

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Sahjhan is portrayed by actor Jack Conley. Sahjhan is one of a race of demons known as the Granok who thrive on chaos and violence. The Granok are pale and disfigured, with faces covered in scars and markings. Wolfram and Hart made Sahjhan and the rest of his kind immaterial. Mesekhtet (the little girl in the White Room) claims this was because she liked trouble, but hated the chaos the Granok were bringing. Once an immaterial being, however, Sahjhan became capable of teleporting through time and dimensions, earning him the nickname Timeshifter. Despite his capability of time travel, Sahjhan is unable to learn details of his own future, thus can only rely on prophecies of his own fate. Sahjhan claims to have invented daylight saving time, although he has a tendency towards sarcasm and dry wit. Sahjhan is responsible for bringing vampire hunter Daniel Holtz to the present. Sahjhan claims to have a grudge against both Angelus and his sire Darla; however, it is later revealed that, being a time traveler, Sahjhan is aware that Angelus would become the benevolent champion Angel after his soul is restored and Darla also would become the mother of his son Connor. His plan is, in fact, to use Holtz to kill Connor because of the prophecies in the Nyazian Scrolls, which foretell the vampires' son killing him, hence his hatred towards them. In order to confuse Angel and his friends, Sahjhan alters the passage in the prophecy about his death; the passage now reads “The Father Will Kill the Son”, leading Wesley to the conclusion Angel will kill Connor. However, Sahjhan grows impatient with Holtz, who, instead of just killing Connor, lays out and executes an elaborate plan to kidnap Angel's son. Sahjhan seeks the help of Wolfram & Hart's Lilah Morgan, thus setting up a chain of events that ends with Holtz disappearing into a Hell dimension known as Quor-Toth, taking Connor with him. Sometime later, Angel uses a spell to re-incorporate Sahjhan, determined to kill him out of revenge for Connor's disappearance, only to end up being nearly killed by him. Later, Justine imprisons Sahjhan in Holtz's Resikhian Urn as revenge for Holtz's disappearance, which she blames on Sahjhan. However, Angel still thirsts for revenge and waits for the right opportunity. Prior to his imprisonment, Sahjhan reveals to Angel that the prophecy also foretells that Connor is destined to follow in his father's footsteps as a champion. Two years later, Sahjhan is released under the watch of his enemy Cyvus Vail, whom Sahjhan had tried to kill on a number of occasions. Despite wanting to kill Sahjhan himself, Angel reluctantly agrees to let Connor face the demon. Minutes later, after Sahjhan reveals that he is directly responsible of sending Connor to Quor-Toth, he is killed by Connor, and thus the prophecy of the Nyazian Scrolls is finally fulfilled after all his efforts to prevent it. Sahjhan's actions, which under a causal loop of both the Nyazian Scrolls and his own time travels, ironically led to a chain of events causing his own death: by sending Connor to Quor-Toth with Holtz, he inadvertently provided Connor the motive and allowed Holtz to train him into an extremely skilled fighter, so that he would get his revenge and thereby fulfill his destiny.

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