The franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary with this new project.

Ai Tenchi Muyo! - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 5 minutes

Premier: 2014-10-06

Ai Tenchi Muyo! - Tenchi in Tokyo - Netflix

Tenchi in Tokyo (新・天地無用!, Shin Tenchi Muyō!, literally The New No Need for Tenchi!) is a Japanese anime produced by AIC, aired on TV Tokyo from April 1 to September 23, 1997. It is the third installation of the Tenchi Muyo! line of series, preceding Tenchi Muyo! GXP and succeeding Tenchi Universe. The show was localized in North America by Geneon Entertainment and aired on Cartoon Network from August 25 to September 29, 2000. The opening theme was “Where Have My Dreams Gone” (「夢はどこへいった」, Yume wa doko e itta) sung by Linda Yamamoto. The ending theme was “Can't Stop! Can't Stop!” (「やめられない やめられない」, Yamerarenai Yamerarenai), sung by the cast, and Episode 24 had its own ending theme, “Unrequited Love” (「かたおもい」, Kataomoi) sung by Mayumi Iizuka.

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