As the saying goes – they probably seemed like good ideas at the time. The world is peppered with examples of incredible engineering projects and buildings designed to make life easier for those that used them, amaze those that came to see them, and make money for those that ordered, designed and built them. They were the stuff of dreams. Often enormous engineering problems had to be resolved, obstacles overcome and new innovations employed just to get them built in the first place. Alas, a great number of these remarkable structures have now been abandoned, cast aside like enormous expensive out-of-date toys, never to be used in the ways for which they were intended. Each and every one of these extraordinary places is home to a wealth of powerful and compelling stories. We'll see and hear about some of the most spectacular examples of abandoned engineering the world has eve...

Abandoned Engineering - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-02-18

Abandoned Engineering - Colani Cormoran - Netflix

The Colani Cormoran CCE208 was a five-seat light aircraft under development in Germany in the late 1980s. The highly streamlined and unusual design was the work of the aeronautical engineer Walter Schulze with the collaboration of the celebrated industrial designer Luigi Colani. A particularly unorthodox feature was the pusher propeller mounted behind the top of the T-tail. Power was to be supplied by a converted Porsche automobile engine rated at 245 horsepower. The airframe was to be largely composite construction. A mockup was displayed at the Paris Air Show in 1987. Construction of the prototype aircraft was to have been undertaken by the Composite Engineering Company in Germany, with financial backing from Tohshin of Japan.

Abandoned Engineering - Specifications (as designed) - Netflix

General characteristics Crew: One pilot Capacity: 4 passengers Length: 8.60 m (28 ft 3 in) Wingspan: 12.00 m (39 ft 5 in) Height: 3.60 m (11 ft 10 in) Wing area: 14.0 m2 (151 ft2) Empty weight: 825 kg (1,819 lb) Gross weight: 1,500 kg (3,307 lb) Powerplant: 1 × Porsche PFM T03, 183 kW (245 hp) Performance Maximum speed: 454 km/h (282 mph) Range: 6,629 km (4,119 miles) Service ceiling: 7,620 m (25,000 ft)

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