5 Gold Rings is a game show based on a U.K. format. Played on an interactive LED floor, 5 Gold Rings takes its title from the rings given each player as they answer questions over five levels. Viewers can connect to the game via smartphone, playing along on a mini-version of the LED floor.

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: None

5 Gold Rings - Heterocyclic compound - Netflix

A heterocyclic compound or ring structure is a cyclic compound that has atoms of at least two different elements as members of its ring(s). Heterocyclic chemistry is the branch of organic chemistry dealing with the synthesis, properties, and applications of these heterocycles. Examples of heterocyclic compounds include all of the nucleic acids, the majority of drugs, most biomass (cellulose and related materials), and many natural and synthetic dyes.

5 Gold Rings - History of heterocyclic chemistry - Netflix

The history of heterocyclic chemistry began in the 1800s, in step with the development of organic chemistry. Some noteworthy developments: 1818: Brugnatelli isolates alloxan from uric acid 1832: Dobereiner produces furfural (a furan) by treating starch with sulfuric acid 1834: Runge obtains pyrrole (“fiery oil”) by dry distillation of bones 1906: Friedlander synthesizes indigo dye, allowing synthetic chemistry to displace a large agricultural industry 1936: Treibs isolates chlorophyl derivatives from crude oil, explaining the biological origin of petroleum. 1951: Chargaff's rules are described, highlighting the role of heterocyclic compounds (purines and pyrimidines) in the genetic code.

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