Нарушение правил - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2015-09-06

Нарушение правил - Uncle Styopa - Netflix

Uncle Styopa (Russian: Дядя Стёпа, IPA: [ˈdʲædʲə ˈstʲɵpɐ]), also known as Dyadya Stepa, is a series of poems written by Russian children's poet Sergey Mikhalkov. They were written in trochaic tetrameter. The poems featured a brave and noble militsioner (a policeman) who was unusual due to his extreme height. The name of the protagonist of the series was Stepan Stepanov (Russian: Степан Степанов), or Styopa, which is a diminutive of the Russian given name Stepan. He performed various acts of good will, such as rescuing people, preventing train crashes, helping firefighters, stopping a school bully or working as a police officer for the Soviet Militsiya. Styopa is a wise, brave, generous, noble, fun-loving character. He fights against injustice and serves as an inspiration to the pioneers. It was largely due to this set of poems, among others written during the 1930s in the Soviet Union, that Mikhalkov achieved fame and garnered admiration from the Soviet population. His popularity was phenomenal. Uncle Styopa's face was almost instantly associated with the face of the author. Sergey Mikhalkov himself looked like a tall athlete, and the first illustrators of the poem pictured Uncle Styopa with Mikhalkov's face. More than 250 million copies of the poems have been sold.

Нарушение правил - A 1964 film - Netflix

Uncle Styopa The Militsioner was adapted into the popular animated film with the same name in 1964, also known as Uncle Stiopa the Militiaman. It was directed by Ivan Aksenchuk and art director Leonid Shvartsman with the music composed by Aleksandr Lokshin. Among the animators were Anatoly Abarenov, Boris Butakov, Mikhail Botov, Yury Butyrin, Alexander Davydov, Sergey Dyozhkin Lidiya Reztsova, and Konstantin Chikin. Voice cast: Valentina Sperantova as Narrator Vladimir Troshin as Uncle Styopa Sergey Tseits as the Road Traffic Control Department officer; the school bully; crowd Klara Rumyanova as children; shop assistant; the woman on the street Yulia Yulskaya as the old woman Margarita Korabelnikova as children

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