Type: Scripted

Languages: Ukrainian

Status: Ended

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 2011-08-31

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String Transport (also known as “SkyWay”, Yunitskiy String Transport and Rail Sky Way) is a concept of an elevated light rail transportation system using prestressed rails with prestressed cables (“strings”) and concrete inside them. It is designed for both freight and passenger services and has two main types of track structure and rolling stock — standard and suspended.

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String rail transport uses special light-weight railcars and multiple units with traction motors for both passenger and freight transportation. Freight transport also uses freight wagons without motors hauled with locomotives or traction rope. All rolling stock have individual suspension for each wheel with side anti-derailment small wheels like a monorail rolling stock. String rail vehicles have commercial names “unibus” (universal railbus), “unicar”, “unitruck” and “unibike” by analogy with conventional transport, where “uni-” means “unification”. Creation of rolling stock for string railways is conducted by SkyWay Companies Group. It carries out design and development of the following types of string transport: high-speed rail (standard); urban rail (standard or suspended); cargo rail (standard or suspended, using freight railcars, locomotives with trains or wagons with traction rope); personal light rail (suspended).

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