A criminal saga set in USSR starting in 1938 and ending after WWII.

Пепел - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2013-10-28

Пепел - Svetlana Surganova - Netflix

Svetlana Yakovlevna Surganova (Russian: Светлана Яковлевна Сурганова) (born 14 November 1968) is a Russian rock musician, singer and poet. She was a founding member of the popular Russian rock band Nochnye Snaipery, providing vocals and playing violin. Presently she is a founding member of “Surganova i Orkestr” band.

Пепел - "Surganova i Orkestr" - Netflix

After leaving “Nochnye Snaipery” in 2002, Svetlana Surganova left the band and started her own, “Surganova i Orkestr” (“Сурганова и оркестр”; “Surganova and orchestra”). In 2003, their first album “Neuzheli ne ja” (“Неужели не я”, “Isn’t it me”) was released and sold more than 100,000 copies. In 2004, they were nominated for “the best live-band of the year” award and won the prestigious FUZZ magazine award for “Pesnya goda” (“Песня года”). Songs from “Neuzheli ne ja”, especially “Murakamii” (“Мураками”, “Murakami”) and “Bol’no” (“Больно”, “In pain”) topped the music charts for months. The band shot a music video “Korabli” (“Корабли”, “Ships”), that rotated successfully on MTV and MUZ-TV (МУЗ-ТВ), and went on the first tour through the country. After the first album, later albums included: “Zhivoj” (“Живой”,”Alive”) in 2003, “Vozljublennaja Shopena” (“Возлюбленная Шопена”, “Chopin’s beloved”) in 2005, “Sol” (“Соль”, “Salt”) in 2007. Those repeated the success of the first one: almost all the songs became hits and topped the music charts . The magazine “Russian Reporter” included the album “Sol” into the top 10 of the best rock-albums of Russia. Surganova i Orkestr is one of the most actively touring bands of Russia, performing across the Far East, Western Europe and the United States. Definition coined by Svetlana Surganova for a music played by a group “Surganova i Orkestr” is “VIP-Punk-Decadence”, which stands for: V - aesthetically pleasing scenic image of an elegant man who tends to think, the image of the artist, combining experience and unsophistication; P- energetic and sincere treatment, with swashbuckling charm and a high degree of self-irony; D - a sophisticated and intelligent, but at the same time accessible poetry, that affects the timeless themes and have their analog works of writers of the Silver Age and the poetics of French symbolism, and a Drive that forces public to “stand on their heads” and to barely held themselves in chairs.

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