Another successful TV show on television channel STB Все буде добре! (All Bodo good) for a long time continues to delight his audience. Want to get valuable advice on the emotional issue for a long time and still be on the positive? Then transfer Everything will be fine just for you. On weekdays, Monday through Thursday at 16:00 do not miss your dose of useful and valuable guidance from leading studios and guests will all good, which undoubtedly will make your life much better and more interesting.

In this program you will find plenty of practical advice in civil and family matters like raising children, cooking, looks, money, etc. And it's not just a theory with books, this is a real practical advice from the experts-studio guests on practical examples. In addition to all this, during the broadcast transmission "All Bodo good" will be involved in accidental guests from the studio audience for a good example of the question or problem.Right in the studio will be conducted experiments on random people, who want to change for the better or acquire some practical skills.

Yet the project Everything will be fine is intended primarily for housewives, which has long been want to change your life for the better.

Все буде добре! - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: Ukrainian

Status: Running

Runtime: 100 minutes

Premier: 2012-07-02

Все буде добре! - Plach Yeremiyi - Netflix

Plach Yeremiyi (Ukrainian: Плач Єремії) is a Ukrainian rock band from Lviv, Ukraine. The band was actually formed in February 1990, but the two most constant musicians - Taras Chubay and Vsevolod Dyachyshyn have played together since 1984 in the band Tsyklon (Циклон). Plach Yeremiyi songs are usually serious, philosophical poems many composed by lead man Taras Chubay's father Hryhoriy Chubay and given a contemporary rock sound. The group's name comes from Taras Chubay's father's Magnum opus Plach Yeremiyi posthumously published in 1999. The music in the songs sounds hard, then changes to an easy ballad and again explodes, overfilled by emotions. All this has a specific “Lviv” colouring.

Все буде добре! - Compilations - Netflix

Rock legends of Ukraine (Рок-легенди України)

Все буде добре! - References - Netflix