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Type: Talk Show

Languages: Russian

Status: Running

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 2015-04-20

За живе! - Anthem of Transnistria - Netflix

The Anthem of Transnistria is named We sing the praises of Transnistria (Moldovan: Слэвитэ сэ фий, Нистрене; Romanian: Slăvită să fii Nistrene; Russian: Мы славим тебя, Приднестровье; Ukrainian: Ми славимо тебе, Придністров’я). The music was written by Boris Alexandrovich Alexandrov, and the lyrics by Boris Parmenov, Nicholas Bozhko and Vitaly Pishenko. The anthem has lyrics in all three official languages of Transnistria: Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian. They are, however, not all literal translations of one another. The origin of the anthem was from the Russian patriotic song “Long live our Power” (Да здравствует наша держава), a 1943 composition that was one of the proposed songs to be the anthem of the former Soviet Union. Boris Alexandrov's composition was, however, rejected in favor of the one submitted by his father, Alexander Alexandrov.

За живе! - Translation from Moldovan - Netflix

I Transnistrian parent living A country of brothers and sisters What is love without notice You are gifted daughters, sons. We sing, orchards and factories Cities, hamlets, plains, With them he did on me O country, our children thrive! Refrain Through the time we shall carry The name of our proud country Thee, the Republic of liberty You are the belief in peaceful horizons. II We shall sing both valleys and hills, Morning stars from the gray old Dniester Wise and old ballads Which for centuries wanted us worthy. We shall glorify the heroic name Which fell in that battle And in the face of the holy memory We swear to the country to be its shield

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