Новогоднее счастье - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 50 minutes

Premier: 2016-01-01

Новогоднее счастье - Alexander Selin - Netflix

Alexander Gennadyevich Selin (Russian: Александр Геннадьевич Селин); (12 January 1958, Volzhsky, Volgograd Oblast – 9 September 2014, Moscow) was a Russian writer, a scriptwriter, a stage director and a literary figure. He was an author of novels, stories, plays and screenplays. Selin's creative work is characterized by a proper standard language, an original view and humour. Having debuted in literature with short stories A. Selin had enlarged the field of his creativity with writing novels and screenplays. His novel Tiridates the Third king of Armenia (Russian: «Трдат Третий, царь Армении») was the first large-scale narration about the time of early Christianity in Armenia. Staging of Selin's stories and performances based on his plays have been played in a number of theaters in the Russian Federation and Ukraine. His literary writings have been translated into English and French. A. Selin's literary works have been published in Solo (Russian: Соло), European Herald (Russian: Вестник Европы) and Snob (Russian: Сноб) magazines.

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Alexander Selin was born in the family of Khanzhov Vasiliy Semyonovich, the principal of Volzhskiy Hydraulic Engineering Technical College (later renamed as Volzhskiy Polytechnic Engineering School), and Khanzhova (née Kusakina) Valentina Matveevna, a teacher of Mathematics. After her husband’s death Valentina Khanzhova married Selin Gennady Evgraphovich and Alexander’s surname had been Selin since he was seven years old. Valentina was the Volga region hurdling champion in her youth. Alexander inherited enthusiasm for sport and Mathematics from his mother and gained the first athletics senior degree along with winning the oblast Mathematic competition (Mathematic Olympiad) during his final year at school. There were three children in the Selins family including Alexander and two of his sisters Alla (born in 1966) and Tatyana (born in 1968). In 1989 Eila Il'yashenko gave birth to Alexander's son Arvo. A. Selin graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI). During his study and work at MEPhI he headed amateur theatre group the Eighth Creative Union of MEPhI, was an organizer and one of the scriptwriters for popular institute cultural events, faculty night events, etc. The MEPhI ECU was a participant and a laureate of a great number of All-Union humoristic festivals. Alexander Selin was an author of an idea and one of the organizers of the First All-Union Club of the Cheerful and Sharp-witted KVN Team Festival in Dnepropetrovsk (under the auspices of Alexander Maslyakov). Also, he took part in scriptwriting for several KVN teams of KVN Major League. In the summer of 2014 A. Selin was taken to hospital in long-term chronic conditions and was unsuccessfully treated there. He died on 9 September 2014.

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