Три кота - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Russian

Status: Running

Runtime: 5 minutes

Premier: 2015-10-24

Три кота - Golden Eagle Award for Best Animation - Netflix

The Golden Eagle Award for Best Animated Feature Film (Russian: Золотой Орёл для лучший анимационный фильму) is one of twenty award categories presented annually by the National Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences of Russia. It is one of the Golden Eagle Awards, which were conceived by Nikita Mikhalkov as a counterweight to the Nika Award established in 1987 by the Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences. Each year the members of the academy choose three (except in the year 2002) nominees to award the best animated film and the film as a perception. The first animator to be awarded was Alexey Demin for the film Кошки под дождем. The most recent award was made to Elena Pitkevich for Бах (Bakh), an animation about the famous composer Johann Sebastian Bach. The most successful animation director is Alexander Tatarsky, with two wins out of three. Anatoly Prokhorov and Maria Muat were nominated thrice, but have not won the award. Other people with multiple nominations include Konstantin Bronzit (with 1 win out of 2 nominations) and Elena Pitkevich (with two nominations but no wins).

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