The serial narrates about three different Russian people who have met in a train to Moscow. Nastja Lapina goes from a city the Luza pocket to help the mother to Vera which is imprisoned and by mistake. The girl needs to find the father, to help it with it owe a wedding ring of mother, presented to it Academician Kovalyov (her father). She should send every month 1000 dollars that mother haven't killed.

Together with it, it goes to a compartment of Olja Prokhorova, too from provincial mean small town Plinishma. Оля goes to Moscow behind the best life and much has seen in the 20 years. Having seen at Nasti a wedding ring it steals it.

Igor — the person who wants to revenge for the parents to the same Academician Kovalyov, it goes from a small town of Borsk. Having seen Nastja, it and it feel a love inclination to each other, the train was not unique meeting place, heroes still should meet...

Обручальное кольцо - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Russian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 43 minutes

Premier: 2008-11-03

Обручальное кольцо - Wedding Ring (Russian TV series) - Netflix

Wedding Ring (Russian: Обручальное кольцо) is a Russian television series filmed from 2008 to 2011. The series was awarded the TEFI-2011 in the nomination The TV feature series. The Russian air Wedding ring initially showed very high ratings, for example, in the premiere week of the series became the most popular among the Russian audience with 7.3% and 22.6%. However, after replacing the actors playing the main characters, the popularity of the TV series has fallen considerably.

Обручальное кольцо - Characters - Netflix

Alina Sandratskaya as Olja Julia Pozhidaeva as Nastja Mikhail Remizov as Academician Kovalev, Nastja's father Alexander Volkov as Igor Darya Feklenko as Marina Vera Glagoleva as Vera Lapina, Nastja's mother Evgeniya Chirkova as Eugeniya Yury Baturin as Sergey Gavrilov Lyudmila Davidova as Raisa Viktorovna Marina Golub as Klara Andrey Kharitonov as Denis Kolesnikov Mikhail Yefremov (1—60) / Vladimir Permyakov(498—506) as Pyotr, stepfather Nastja Nikolay Baskov as cameo Nastasya Samburskaya as Natasha, an administrator in the restaurant and fitness club

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